Best stock advisor in India – Free Stock Advisory and Recommendations

It is essential to have enough knowledge, experience, and strategy before investment, and to get assistance on this, you need a stock advisor. These advisors provide their clients with data-driven trade suggestions for both trading and investment. When making stock market investments, doing competent research not only increases profit potential but also somewhat reduces risk. Having the best stock advisor in India by your side, you can easily make decisions and make better profit.

There are top 10 stock advisory firms in India, among which you can choose the best one and start investing wisely. New investors or beginners can also follow some free stock advisor in India to get free stock advisory tips and recommendations.

best stock advisor in India

This article will highlight the list of best stock advisory company in India, their services, factors to consider when working with them, and other aspects like free stock advisory tips, recommendations and more.

Who is a Stock Advisor?

Stock market consultants are individuals or groups with extensive experience in the stock market that provide their clients with research-based trading and investment services. Using the assistance or advice from the free stock advisor will aid in making the right decision and investing right to earn back profit, thus reducing risk.

These top stock advisors in India are well-versed in specific firms, market trends, and industry dynamics, which enables them to offer investors insightful advice. With the best stock advisory at your side, your odds of making a profit on your stock investment are almost certainly 90%.

Tips you get from the Best Stock Advisory Company in India

The best financial advisor in India would offer multiple tips to stock investors. Some of the tips you can expect are –

  • Daily intraday trading tips
  • Aftermarket hours support for trade verification.
  • Support through web/app
  • Assistance in generating wealth.

Today Free Advisory – Best Stocks to Buy on 07 June 2024

Free Tip Stock Name Trade Price Stop loss Target 1 Target 2
BUY DIVISLAB 4058 3964 4152 4245
BUY TATACONSUM 1120 1086 1154 1185
BUY NIACL 246 236 257 265

Daily Intraday Tips by Stock Advisor

These are the stocks having bullish trend & suitable for intraday calls, Here is free stock advisory tips for today on 07 June 2024 –

Stock tips Stock Name Buy At Today Target Stop loss
BUY NHPC 106-107 111-112 103
BUY RVNL 341-342 355-360 330
BUY GRSE 1200-1201 1230-1250 1175

Best Stock Advisory Tips for Today 

Here is free stock recommendations by experts for today only –

Date – 07 June 2024
S. No Stock Name Free Stock Tips Trend
2 Bajaj Auto BUY Uptrend
3 NIACL BUY Uptrend
4 HDFC Life SELL Downtrend
5 Titan SELL Downtrend
6 Wipro SELL Downtrend
7 Interglobe Avi BUY Uptrend
8 Guj State Petro BUY Uptrend
9 ICICI Lombard BUY Uptrend
10 Bajaj Finance BUY Uptrend

Roles and Responsibilities of the Share Market Advisor

When you are choosing among the top 10 stock advisory firms in India, there are specific roles and responsibilities they carry. Some of these are-

  • Evaluating clients’ Financial and Stock Objectives: Every stock investor has his set goals and reasons to invest. Keeping this in mind, the financial advisor would come up with solutions that fit well with objectives. Examining the income, spending, assets, obligations, and investment portfolios of clients may fall under this category.
  • Creating a customized stock investment plan: A share market advisor will create a customized financial plan with suggestions for investing methods, choosing stocks, future benefits, tax planning, price to invest in the stock, and others.
  • Putting the financial plan into action: After it has been created, a financial advisor will collaborate with their clients to put the plan into action. This could entail making further financial transactions, purchasing insurance, and opening new investment accounts.

Benefits of hiring the Best Stock Advisor in India?

There are many benefits of hiring the best stock advisory services in India, allowing you to achieve your stock investment goals.

Best financial advisors in India can guide you through the frequently confusing personal finance and stock investing by bringing a wealth of information, experience, and skill to the table. A share market advisor will stay updated on how the market or specific stock is performing and accordingly advise on the investment.

  • Expertise: A professional stock advisor will have expertise in stocks and the market. Besides, the advisor will also help in your retirement planning, tax planning, and financial planning. Based on your stock objectives, they can assist you in making well-informed selections.
  • Objectivity: An unbiased assessment of your money can be obtained from a financial counsellor. They can assist you in recognizing and overcoming emotional or biased choices that could affect how you make financial decisions.
  • Time management: Keeping track of your stock and money, mainly if they are complicated, can take a lot of time. The best financial advisors in India will help with investment management, stock management, and tax preparation.
  • Accountability: A financial advisor or free stock advisor in India may assist you in staying on track with your financial objectives and hold you responsible for your financial actions.
  • Resources: The best stock advisory company in India has all the access to resources related to stocks and finances, which the public may not have access to. Getting assistance with resources can help you in a long-term investment.

List of Top 10 Stock Advisory Firms in India

Whether you are a seasoned stock investor or new into this game, being dependable on stock advisory experts is a good idea. We have listed top 10 stock advisory firms in India with their products and insights that will help you to select the best ones.

1) CapitalVia Global Research Limited

CapitalVia Global Research Limited is the one of the top 10 stock advisory firms in India helping investors to invest rightly for promising returns. The firm prioritizes their clients’ requirements to build a trustworthy relationship with them. You get tips on currency, commodities, stock and equity markets investment. One of the reasons to prefer this share market advisor is their experience in this field. Some of the products they have are-

  • Market Pro- It focuses entirely on intraday trading and offers suggestions for the same. For intraday traders, this service is a good option. There are other areas covered under it- Alpha HNI Equity – Mega, Alpha Premium Equity, Alpha MCX, Commodity Futures, HNI Commodity, etc.
  • Market Neuron: The product is best for methods involving long-term trading benefiting from this service. Investors with both medium- and long-term ambitions can benefit from it. Some of the items under this are- The Buffett’s Way, Benjamin-Graham, Growth & Dividend, Value Picks, and a few others.
  • TechnIQ: TechnIQ offers quantitative trading algorithms on a tried-and-true analytical platform. Using the product, you can plan your weekly bargains. This category has several parts, such as Pie Square for target-based trading technique, Sigma Pro for busy traders, and Infinity to catch large swings.
  • QunatIQ: The product offers Intelligent Quantitative Strategies to make trading easier while improving risk control. This category includes the following segments: Prime NiftyBank, Prime Nifty, Prime Gold, Vector Cash, and Vector Options.

Some of the features of CapitalVia Global Research Limited-

  • NISM Certified team is ready to offer stock advisory.
  • Gives analysis on Malaysian stocks as well.
  • A team of dedicated and experienced stock investment advisors
  • More than 15 years of experience

2) Research and Ranking

Research and Ranking is the best SEBI registered investment advisor having more than 12,000 clients in India. Founded in 2009, the firm is a trailblazer in the investment industry, with a primary focus on the Indian equity market.

Being the first non-discretionary online stock advising firm in India, it also provides customized market research studies. They are well-supported by a group of committed professionals with significant knowledge of technology, equities research, and financial markets. They are overseen by the SEBI.

Some of the product it offers are-

  • 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy

Under this product, you will receive complete assistance in a well–diversified portfolio of 20–25 multi-bagger stocks when you use this technique. Using an investor’s risk assessment as a basis, R&R creates a customized portfolio that, when invested in steadily expanding and well-managed businesses, has the potential to grow four times or more in five years.

1 Year subscription fees- Rs 28,000 and minimum investment- 2lacs

  • Mispriced Opportunities

Mispriced refers to a stock that is now selling below its actual value due to events in the market, industry, or firm. The strategy helps in building wealth through 12 high-growth stock approaches.

  • Dhanwaan

The product is ideal for Family offices and HNIs/Ultra HNIs. They make investments in a focused portfolio of 20–25 stocks that is highly customized. They pick businesses that have proven themselves and have produced four to five times the returns over a period of five to six years.

1 year subscription fee- Rs 80,000

Some features of Research and Ranking

  • 5 in 5 strategies for creating well-diversified portfolio of multibagger stocks.
  • Dhanwaan for HNIs, UNHNI, and family offices
  • Offering stock investment learning resources

3) Brilliance Stock Info

It is the best SEBI registered stock advisor offering complete equity and derivatives stock analysis. Their unique strategy, combined with relationship managers and in-depth stock analysis, solidifies their standing as a leading provider of next-generation stock market research study.

Some of the products offered are-

  • Equity HNI/Premium services-

Under this, investors will receive one concept along with short-term proposals. You will have a separate customer service team to help you with live market assistance. Since the product isn’t subscription based, you can use it for 45 days. In addition, you will receive free suggestions from the best technical experts in India. This package comes with a cost of Rs. 72,500.

  • Stock Future Premium Plan/ HNI-

Under Stock Future Premium Plan/ HNI-, you will get one open position and three to four ideas per week are provided by Stock Future Premium Plan/HNI. You can earn a good profit through using this product. They also provide you with advice on the desired amount and how to properly stop loss.

Monthly subscription fees- Rs. 48,750.

  • Index Premium/HNI:

Their Chief Technical Analyst will provide excellent technical support and 12–14 levels each month. They provide you with complete resistance levels for that day along with the Nifty and Bank Nifty trends.

Monthly package- Rs 149000.

Some features are-

  • Personalized service,
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • In-depth stock analysis.

4) ABJ Finstocks

One of the top 10 stock advisory firms in Indian, the firm offers complete trading and long-term investment advice on stocks, futures, and options. In 2016, they enrolled as Research Analysts and recommended the most promising stock for investment. They offer different services including-

  • Multibagger Stocks:

These stocks have the potential to yield returns of over 100%. Over the next five to ten years, your money is expected to rise double fold. To see good returns, your investment must last three to five years. Multibagger stocks have the potential to create enormous wealth. For this service, a minimum investment of Rs. 60,000 is required.

  • Value Pick equities:

This is a reasonably priced investment portfolio for long-term and has dividend-paying Indian equities helping to create good wealth. Based on industry and the market capitalization, they choose the top cheap Indian company stocks in addition to large firm stocks. The minimum amount required to invest is around Rs 60,000.

  • Combo Package

In this category, you get a combination of value pick and multi-bagger possibilities. Additionally, you receive a dividend payout in addition to capital appreciation. It does this by investing in established and fast-growing companies, thus diversifying the risk. This package comes with a 10% discount.

Some features of ABJ Finstocks are-

  • Provides independent financial advice for stock planning.
  • Well-trained and certified advisors
  • Offers advice to top corporates and big investors.

5) Streetgains

Streetgains is a research analyst organization registered with SEBI that offers advice on profit targets, entry, exit for stock market research. They are a team of experts with more than ten years of combined expertise in commerce and market research.

The company offers three different services-

Trading Street (For Professional Short-term Traders)

Under this you get options of Cash Intraday, Stock Options, Index Futures, and Index Options with the minimum capital of Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000/-

  • Investment Street

Under this there are Value Stock, Multibagger Stock, Century Stock, and Growth Stock with investment of Rs 25,000 to Rs 5,00,000.

  • Commodity Street

Under this there are options of Bullion, Energy, and Base Metal with the minimum investment of Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

Some Features

  • Best options for Intraday Trading
  • Suitable for Short-Term Small Traders
  • Stocks Are Selected Based on Technical Parameters

6) Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital is a well-known and trustworthy share market advisor for both retail and business clients. Among its principal products and services are mutual fund applications, stock investments, auto insurance, best stock market advisory, and general insurance.

Ranked as one of India’s top providers of stock consulting services, Bajaj Capital is renowned for its customer-focused strategy that enables its customers to experience phenomenal returns on their investments. Furthermore, the company’s stock-related information empowers them to create long-term, wise stock investment choices for clients.

Some of the features are-

  • Research-based and goal-based advice
  • Customized wealth management support
  • Quick, chivalrous service
  • 24 x 7 online service

Subscription Fees Packages

The Bajaj Capital Limited has three different packages as subscription-

  • Freedom Pack- Yearly subscription Rs 431
  • Professional Pack- Yearly subscription Rs 2500
  • Bajaj Privilege Club- Yearly Subscription Rs 9999

7) AGM Investment

AGM Investment is one of the top 10 stock advisory company in India and was in the financial advising, loan syndication, private equity, and other services sectors. Till date, over 500 clients have benefited from AGM Investments’ services, which include supplying investors with the appropriate investment options and educating them to make lucrative decisions. When it comes to products, AGM Investment offers Mutual Funds, Tax Saving, Retirement Saving, and Child Future Saving advisory.

Some of the features are.

  • Tech driven investment advisory
  • Experienced advisories
  • Low-cost membership plans

Membership plans-

Gold Membership Fees-

Rs 21,000/- for 06 Months

Rs 31,000/- for 12 Months

Platinum Membership Fees

Rs 36,000/- for 06 Months

Rs ₹46,500/- for 12 Months

8) United Trust of India

One of the leading providers of financial services in India UTI offers the best stock advising services to investors, ensuring a good wealth growth and investment return in long-run. Till date it has more than 1.2 crore investor folios. The Unit Trust of India runs newspaper ads and publishes stock price daily. Consequently, there are always two pricing options available every day. The two expenses stand for the price of purchasing and disposing of the units. Some of the products or service offered by UTI –

  • Future Ready
  • Rule Based Investment
  • Tax Saving
  • Short Term Parking
  • Wealth Creation

Some features of UTI Stock Advisory service are-

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Investors can choose multiple stock options for their investments.
  • Promotes a high level of liquidity for better returns.

9) Asset Villa Financial Advisors

Asset Villa Financial Advisors is among the top stock advisor. The company provides comprehensive financial planning services to individuals as well as families. The needs of the customer are the center of all their offerings. Additionally, they offer the best growth and consultancy trajectory for their affiliated clientele. The company has a clientele list of more than 2500 and is offering the best service. The company has different products under it- Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Fixed Income Product, and others.

Some of the features re-

  • Experienced advisories to help you invest.
  • Better financial planning options
  • Goal identification service

Products or services offered by Asset Villa Financial Advisors are-

  • Financial Services
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate planning

10) Mister

Mister Market, which was established in 2012 and places a strong emphasis on education, and customized recommendations to help customers profitably navigate the stock market over the long run. As committed players in the stock advisory industry, they put forth a lot of effort to deliver comprehensive services and ensure client pleasure. Experts of Mister Market provide complete courses for investors to learn and then go ahead.

Some of the features are-

  • Insightful stock market tools for investors
  • Safe option for new investors
  • WhatsApp support available

Product offered are-

  • Personal Finance
  • Stock Investment
  • Trading
  • Taxation

Top 10 Stock Advisory Company in India and Their Charges

Here you will get top 10 stock advisory firms and their monthly charges –

Stock Advisors Charges (PM) may vary
CapitalVia Global Research Limited Rs 8,000 Approx
AGM Investment Rs 2499 Approx
Asset Villa Rs 3499 Approx
Streetgains Rs 2599 Approx
Mister Market Rs 4499 Approx
Unit Trust of India Rs 4599 Approx
Research and Ranking Rs 6599 Approx
Bajaj Capital Limited Rs 2999 Approx
Kotak Private Equity Group Rs 7000 Approx
BTS Asset management Rs 2499 Approx


These were a few of best stock advisory services in India. A reputable stock market advisor and some of free stock advisor can assist you in navigating the stocks and ensure you invest and trade without any worries for long-term. Choose the best who meets your stock and financial advisory needs.


 1. How to find the best stock advisor in India?

Ans: Finding the top stock advisory service is quite a complex thing. You need to consider your financial and trading needs. Moreover, quality and credibility of the service.

2. Is it feasible to hire a share market advisor?

Ans: Yes, hiring a share market advisor can help you in deciding which stock is right to invest, do financial planning for self and family, and buy and sell stocks.

3. Who was India’s stock advisor king?

Ans: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was the best stock advisor king in India. He invested in many companies and helps investors to double their wealth.

4. What is the role of stock advisor in the market?

Ans: Helping investors find profitable stock market investment possibilities is the primary duty of an equity adviser. Stock investors are intelligent, competent people who understand how to handle their stock holdings.

5. Is it possible to earn from free stock advisors?

Ans: Yes, there are high possibilities of earning good return from free stock advisor. However, you need to check their reliability and other aspects.

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Disclaimer: Information given in this article is for guidance only. we have intention to educate new investors. It is recommended to do proper research by investors before investing.