Lowest Brokerage Charges in India for Online Trading

Most brokers don’t charge investors for opening a Demat account or even for the AMC but would charge brokerage. Depending on the broker platform, the amount could be minimal or high. You can find brokers offering the lowest brokerage charges in India by researching. Thanks to the competition in the trading brokerage market, online platforms are charging low brokerage demat accounts added with features to make trading interesting.

lowest brokerage charges in India
The lowest brokerage fee is assessed if the computed brokerage is less than the minimum brokerage required by the stockbroker. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has set guidelines for the brokerage fee, a broker can charge from the trader. The BSE and NSE state that 2.5 percent is the highest brokerage rate that can be charged in India, and this should be the lowest brokerage charge. It offers no recommendations for the most affordable brokerage costs in India.  Some stock brokers in India even provide $0 brokerage, the low brokerage charge demat accounts service.

What is Brokerage Fee in India?

A brokerage fee is the sum stockbrokers charge investors for the trade execution. The fee levied completely depends on the stock value and transaction method.

Even though there are different stocks, commodities, F&O and others are traded, the fee may vary. However, as per the guidelines, charges remain between 0.01 to 0.25%. If you have purchased a share value of Rs. 10,000 and the brokerage fee is 0.1% of that amount, you will need to pay Rs. 10. Additionally, several brokers impose a set brokerage fee on each trade, typically costing between Rs. 10 and Rs. 100.

Lowest Brokerage Demat Account in India

Some brokers provide low brokerage demat account that is cost-effective, ideal for investors seeking low brokerage. With competitive rates and transparent pricing structures, these accounts enable individuals to efficiently manage their investments while maximizing returns. These brokers provide lowest brokerage demat account for investment and trading –

Low Brokerage Demat Account Account Opening Charges AMC
Wisdom Capital Free Zero*
Zerodha Rs 200 Rs 300
Upstox Rs 200 Rs 150 per year
SAMCO Zero Rs. 400/ year

How are Brokerage Fees Calculated?

Before you choose any account or stock, it is essential to learn how the brokerage fee is calculated. There are three different charges initiated –

  1. Percentage-Based Charge: Under this, the broker takes a cut of the trading amount. For example, if the deal value is one million rupees and the brokerage charge is one percent, the investor will have to pay one hundred rupees.
  2. Flat cost Per Trade: The broker often levies a flat cost of between Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 per trade. In this case, the investor must pay that sum for each trade, regardless of the trade’s value.
  3. Hybrid Fee: The broker often imposes a hybrid fee, which often combines a flat cost with a percentage-based charge for each trade.

What are the Two Types of Brokers in India?

When you look for the minimum brokerage charges, you also need to check two types of brokers. These are-

  1. Full-service brokers: These conventional brokers provide their customers with extensive services and goods, including research, trading, investing, portfolio management, and advisory services. The brokerage fee depends on the trade value or flat fee per trade, whichever is higher. In addition, they impose additional fees and taxes for things like transaction costs, account opening fees, and maintenance fees. However, mostly the low brokerage demat account will be low or zero.
  2. Discount brokers: These brokers provide their customers with a constrained selection of goods and services, like trading or stock investment. They charge a lesser brokerage fee based on a fixed price per trade or no brokerage for specific markets and products. In addition, they impose minimal or non-existent fees and expenses for additional services such as account opening, maintenance, transactions, etc.

What are the Components of Low Brokerage Charges?

Some of these are-

  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT): The government of India levies SIT on buying and selling transactions under the equities cash (delivery) category. The government predetermined the rates and applied them to the transaction value.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): The brokerage fee and other trade-related expenses are subject to GST. GST is computed as a proportion of the overall brokerage fees.
  • Exchange Transaction Fees: Every deal completed on a stock exchange platform is subject to transaction fees. This cost is typically negligible and changes according to the exchange and trading sector.
  • Stamp Duty: When the investor does any financial instrument transfer, the government imposes a level of tax called the stamp duty. The rate may vary as per the state.

Factors Investors must consider when choosing a Stock Broker

When choosing a stockbroker, there are certain factors to consider. Check if you are charged the lowest brokerage charges demat account in India, experienced, certified, and others. There are other factors too, including-

  • Brokerage costs: Whether the broker charges flat-free or percentage-based depends entirely on the stock value and other factors; choose which charges are set perfectly per your budget.
  • Trading Segment: Verify if the brokerage business provides access to the trading segments—such as equity, F&O, currency, or commodities—in which you are interested.
  • Research and Analysis: A well-established broker would offer additional features, including market analysis, customized advising services, and research reports, which full-service brokers frequently offer. Select a broker that provides advice and research if you need to either.
  • Functionality: Consider the broker’s trading platforms’ functionality, dependability, and ease of use. You can trade more effectively with a platform that is reliable and easy to use.
  • Customer Service: Regardless of how top-listed the stock broker is, good customer service matters the most. Timely resolution of trade-related difficulties is contingent upon providing dependable customer service. Before creating an account, check how responsive the broker’s customer service is.
  • Margin and Leverage: Look for the margin and leverage options the broker provides, as these may affect the risk you take when trading.
  • Transparency: Select a broker who offers up-front details regarding all fees, including transaction costs, taxes, and brokerage. The broker may offer the lowest brokerage demat account but may add hidden charges.

List of Top 5 Brokers with Lowest Brokerage Charges in India

Since we have covered other aspects of stock brokers and their charges, let us now check the top 5 brokers offering minimum brokerage.

1. Zerodha

Zerodha is among the leading stock broker in India offering minimum brokerage among its registered traders. With its multiple services, Zerodha has earned a good customer base of more than 50 lakhs. It offers flat-free brokerage and deals with equities, currencies, and commodities. Brokerage fees in India start at just 0.01 percent (or INR 20) for each order.

This platform offers users historical data, robust graphing features, and an easy-to-use interface. All levels of traders are welcome to use Zerodha Kite because of its well-known speed and efficacy.

Some of the features of Zerodha are-

  • A user-friendly charting tool with support for thirty sketching tools and more than 100 indications
  • Different order formats and methods of execution are available, including market, limit, bracket, cover, and BO orders.
  • You can place several orders at once using the basket order option.
  • You may see a detailed snapshot of your portfolio, holdings, P&L, etc. on the console dashboard.
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Trading/Demat Rs 0/200
Annual Maintenance Charges Rs 300
Equity Delivery/Intraday 0/0.03%
Charges in F&O Rs 20 per order
Charges for Currency/Commodities Rs 20 per order

2. UpStox

Based in Mumbai, UpStox offers trading platform called as “UpStox Pro” and is among the best trading platform in India offering minimum brokerage charges. The platform is known for offering demat account and low fees for other services. Some of the feature UpStox offers are –

  • The platform offers a range of third-party trading platforms, such as Fox Trader, NEST Trader, and Dartstock.
  • Its cutting-edge trading platform’s free availability contributes to its growing appeal among traders.
  • Traders can choose among the loads of mutual funds for investment through the UpStox MF Platform.
  • Offers minimum brokerage charges for F&0
  • UpStox offers an intraday trading margin of up to 20% of trade value (maximum 5x leverage), depending on the stock.
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Trading/Demat 0
Annual Maintenance Charges for demat Rs 150
Equity Delivery/Intraday 2.5/0.5% or Rs 20 per trade
Charges in F&O 0.05%/Rs 20 per order
Charges for Currency/Commodities 0.05%/ Rs 20 per order

3. 5Paisa

One of the leading brokers, 5Paisa, offers the low fee for its registered investors. Although, not an old one, 5Paisa has garnered maximum active stock members and uses its advanced features. The brokerage charges of this platform are the lowest of Rs 20 per order. However, the company charges Rs 20 for delivery-based trades, which can be quite costly for swing traders.

Some of the features are-

  • The platform offers advanced trading features, added research material, trading advice, and others.
  • 5paisa provides traders with free trading technical, F&O, derivative, and fundamental research in addition to an advanced trading platform.
  • Free stock research and guidance.
  • Lowest charges for intraday and equity delivery.
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Trading/Demat 0
Annual Maintenance Charges for demat Rs 300
Equity Delivery/Intraday 2.5/0.5% or Rs 20 per trade
Charges in F&O 0.05%/Rs 20 per order
Charges for Currency/Commodities 0.05%/ Rs 20 per order

4. Angel One

With more than 4 million active traders, Angel One is the oldest and most reputed trading broker. It is one of the lowest brokerage charges for options in India for traders. Some of the features are-

Angel One offers a clear picture of each stock which the trader wants to trade through different tools. There are four tools accessible for traders: Prime, App, Trade, and Speed Pro. Each has a specific purpose for various traders and investors.

  • No charges are levied on technical and derivative reports.
  • It levies a fixed brokerage fee for derivatives and daily trading.
  • It also provides loans secured by stock.
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Trading/Demat 0
Annual Maintenance Charges for demat Rs 240
Equity Delivery/Intraday 0/Rs 20 or 0.03%
Charges in F&O 0.25%/Rs 20 per order
Charges for Currency/Commodities Rs 20 per order

5. Wisdom Capital

Founded in 2013, Wisdom Capital is one of the top online stock brokers offering low brokerage. Stock investors can trade on NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX stocks, currencies, and commodities under low fees. Wisdom Capital offers automated online investing and broker-assisted trade execution on the BSE and NSE. The platform has various tools for investors including resource materials, real-time data, charting, and others. Additionally, it provides finance for these commodities without requiring investors to worry about the security of the precious metals.

Some of the features are-

  • Zero brokerage in Freedom Plan,
  • Flexible brokerage plans
  • High exposure/margin in higher plans
Particulars Charges
Account Opening Trading/Demat 0
Annual Maintenance Charges for demat Rs 999 lifetime
Equity Delivery/Intraday 0.25%
Charges in F&O ₹9/Executed Order or 999/Month
Charges for Currency/Commodities ₹9/Order or 999/Month

Besides there are other brokers, offering low fee demat account in India.

Top 5 Stock Brokers with Low Brokerage fees

Stock Brokers Brokerage charges for delivery trades Max Brokerage charges for intraday/per trade Max Brokerage charges for F&O/per trade
ICICI Direct 0.1% 20/- 20/-
Zerodha Zero 20/- 20/-
Upstox Zero 20/- 20/-
5paisa 15/- 15/- 15/-
Samco 20/- 20/- 20/-


We have covered the top 5 brokers with the low fee, so you can now choose and register to stock trading. However, it’s crucial to investigate and contrast different brokers in order to determine which one best suit your needs and tastes.

Discount stock brokers usually start a fresh campaign each month to entice new customers by providing incentives like referral client bonuses and 0 or low brokerage charges Demat account in India. With the growing competition, Stockbrokers are in huge pressure to offer the best trading experience to traders along with low fees.


1.Ques: Which brokers offer the lowest brokerage charges for Options in India?

Ans: Percentage-based brokerage fees for trading futures and options typically range from 0.01% to 0.05% per transaction. An investor buys options of Rs 1,000,000, then the brokerage fee is 0.05% i.e. Rs. 50. Zerodha, 5Paisa, Upstox are some of the brokers charge low fee for options in India.

2.Ques: What should be the maximum brokerage a broker should charge?

Ans: As per the SEBI guidelines, a stock broker must charge not more than 2.5% for equity and 0.25% for intraday trade. You may find low brokerage demat account.

3.Ques:  Does UpStox offers lifetime free trading?

Ans: UpStox doesn’t charge any amount as No Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), which means there are no costs associated with keeping your account active. However, the broker operates on a pay-per-use basis, means as you place an order, you will have to pay a minimal brokerage fee.

4.Ques:  Are there any hidden charges implied by stock brokers?

Ans: Even though you will find brokers offering lowest fees, but there are hidden charges which you should be aware of. These are account opening or maintenance fees, software usage fee, inactivity fees, data or research fees, and others.

5.Ques:  Which broker have lowest brokerage charges in India?

Ans: Zerodha offers the lowest fee through its platform. It charges Rs 20 per trade order and 0% commission for delivery and long-term trades.

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Disclaimer: Information given in this article is for guidance only. we have intention to educate new investors. It is recommended to do proper research by investors before investing.